Erin Whittier // Toronto
Documenting an artist and her explorations, a home to the preludes of greater things to come - WELCOME to the blog dedicated to my work.

I am a sophomore at Ryerson University, studying and practicing Fine Arts Photography. I usually shoot with a Nikon D600 DSLR. If shooting film, I use 4x5, Lomography Lubitel, or Disposables.

insurgenci said: how are you enjoying ryerson? I was thinking of applying there for sports photography!

Ryerson is really fantastic, its definitely got its focuses on fine art which makes it very difficult to switch but a mate of mine who just graduated is a sport photographer who does amazing work, who took the technical influence the school pushes onto you (more than any other arts school you’ll find) and worked with what he loved. if you are willing to work hard to make sports work for you in a very technical and artsy environment it will be totally worth it, otherwise i suggest one of the photo programs based in colleges (Humber, Sheridan, etc) because they are usually geared towards more commercial side of things.

no-place-like-h0me said: Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your work! Is everything on this blog your own?

yes! unless otherwise stated on the post itself, everything posted here is mine. (very occasionally i will reblog from a collab or a bts which a friend may have shot)